1st boot liberty May 1943 1st liberty May 1943  with sister Audre AK 96 Specs Abstract Arlington Memorial Bill  Frasure in  ww 2  b C Fiscus J Cara R casey Honolulu July 1945 Casey Cara Curry  AucklandNZ 1944 Casey and Frasure at Curry's      5-8-04 Clarence Fiscus  Honolulu July 1945 Curry Casey Frasure 5-8-04 Geo BeckR Casey @ Russ. Rvr Sept '45 J Cara R Casey H Nash w- Wellington Bimbos  Dec. '45 John Lewis Mccaw Leonard and Sue Curry   August 1945 Opening Page Ray Casey 2004 Ray Casey and Sue Curry  Augus 1945t The End USS Serpens AK 97 - 2 USS Serpens Skipper - USS Sterope AK 96 W C Carber and Dr_Levin AK 97 WFB Apr 2004 crew photo  by R Rusche 004 crew photo  by R Rusche 005 libshp01 libshp02 libshp03 libshpmp menu   pages 3 and 4 menu  cover and back menu  pages 2 and  5 menu page 6 ramsden382 roland  rusche by self from Frasure scan scan 0066 scan DE Div 23 scan My Family May 2005 scan Notice scan Photo property scan Ramsden 1 scan Ramsden 2 scan Serpens Story scan Slats Chronology 1943-45 scan0001 scan0001 Diary Pg 1 scan0001 Ramsden scan0001 Ramsden History 1 scan00016 scan0002 scan0002 61 yrs scan0002 Diary Pg 2 scan0002 Guam scan0002 Ramsden History 2 scan0002 Sterope scan00023 scan0003 scan0003 Diary Pg 3 scan0003 Serpens scan0003-1 scan0004 scan0004 Diary Pg 4 scan0005 scan0005 AK in old Tulagi Bay scan0006 scan0007 scan0008 scan0009 scan0010 scan0010-1 scan0011 scan0011-1 scan0012 scan0012-1 scan0013 scan0013-1 scan0014 scan0014-1 scan0015 scan0016 scan0017 scan0018 scan0019 scan0021 scan0022 scan0023 scan0024 scan0025 scan0026 scan0027 scan0028 scan00283 scan0029 scan0030 scan0031 scan0032 scan0033 scan0034 scan0035 scan0036 scan0037 scan0038 scan0039 scan0040 scan0041 scan0042 scan0043 scan0044 scan0045 scan0046 scan0047 scan0048 scan0049 scan0050 scan0051 scan0052 scan0053 scan0054 scan0055 scan0056 scan0057 scan0058 scan0060 scan0061 scan0062 scan0063 scan0064 scan0065 scan0066 scan0067 scan0068 scan0069 scan0070 scan0071 scan0072 scan0073 scan0074 scan0075 scan0076 scan0077 scan0078 scan0079 scan0080 scan0081 scan0082 scan0083 scan0084 scan0085 scan0086 scan0087 scan0088 scan0089 scan0090 scan0091 scan0092 scan0093 scan0094 scan0095 scan0097 scan0098 scan0100 scan0101 scan0103 scan0104 scan0105 scan0106 scan0108 scan0109 scan0110 scan0111 scan0112 scan0113 uss_serpens 3